LED ground lamps-what you need to know about them before buying
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 LED ground lamps-what you need to know about them before buying

Ground luminaires are irreplaceable when creating the lighting of the driveway, path leading to the gate or even alleys in the garden. However, the choice of the right binding is quite complicated and it is worth to familiarize yourself with its complexities before making a purchasing decision.

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Ground lamps are not universal. They are chosen for specific applications, and it would be very difficult to choose a fitting without knowing what light source to use with it. Therefore, the choice of binding and light source usually proceeds in parallel and in order to find out which binding will be the best, you often need to know the characteristics of different types of light sources. Other fixtures should be used on the driveway, others for the backlighting of buildings, and still others for decorating or lighting paths, stairs or terraces. Most manufacturers, however, recommend that proper drainage be done under each luminaire, which will allow better drainage of groundwater.


Ground luminaires are most often available in 3 versions - intended for use with 12V or 230V light sources, as well as for LED diodes with DC power supplies. Regardless of the variant chosen, the ground luminaire must provide maximum protection against dust and moisture, which means that only luminaires rated IP 65 are suitable for this role. It is good that the pressure resistance is also increased by at least 1000 kg - this applies, of course, to luminaires mounted in the vicinity of routes intended for vehicular traffic.


Ground luminaires differ, although sometimes it can not be seen at first glance with the optics, i.e. the quantity, type and mutual position of the elements responsible for shaping the luminous flux. Individual optical systems can be designed to work with incandescent lamps or LED lamps, irrespective of the type of light source, there are usually focusing and diffusing luminaires, as well as typically decorative luminaires. Of course, the term "glass" should be treated rather generally, because some of the fittings will not be glass. Transparent and matt frames will have a different effect on the shape of the light beam. If we want diffused light, we usually use matte or milk screens, or luminaires with reflectors with a wide angle of illumination. If you want to obtain narrow light poles, use luminaires with light-focusing lenses or narrow-angle reflectors. Ground LED COB luminaires from LEDS-C4 most often include 2 reflectors with narrow and wide angle, about which one to choose, we decide by ourselves. The angle of lighting of the ground luminaires on the bulbs, and not the integrated leds, will depend on the angle of illumination of the light source

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Solar ground lamps

This is the latest offer of recessed lamps. Their advantage is easy assembly, no costly use and no need to have a ready installation. While all other versions of lamps recessed in the ground require pre-installation of electrical installations, which should be taken into account at the design or construction stage, solar recessed lamps can be installed at any time. However, it should be remembered that such a solar luminaire generates a small amount of light at the level of several lumens, so it is a typical decoration and is not suitable for illumination of plants, buildings, etc.

Lighting up the driveway with LED ground lamps can be a great idea - it's economical, durable and resistant light sources. There are various LED lamps and luminaires available, and their power at this point is in the range 1-30W. In the case of other light sources their powers are much higher, even up to 150W. Rich colors, varied shapes and forms, strengths and high durability make that ground lamps are already in widespread use, they also serve as lighting for plants and trees in the garden as well as external illumination of private buildings, office buildings, hotels, shops, salons, etc.

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RGB LED ground luminaires

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