BPM Crismosil lighting fixtures - a perfect fit for the wall and ceiling
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BPM Crismosil lighting fixtures - a perfect fit for the wall and ceiling

Are you looking for luminaires or light lines that will perfectly fit into the ceiling or wall? In this case, it is worth choosing fixtures made of plaster and gypsum mixes. The full range of these products is offered by the Spanish brand BPM Lighting, which has developed a special material Crismosil. In these luminaires, various light sources can be placed, including LED bulbs, creating energy-efficient and efficiently operating lamps that illuminate the interior.

What is BPM Crismosil?

Crismosil is a special mixture consisting of gypsum, fiberglass, resin and acrylic. It is distinguished by a compact structure, it is hard, it can be painted in any color suited to the character of the arrangement, so after finishing it does not stand out against the wall or ceiling from cardboard-gypsum materials, creating a point of light without visible elements characteristic of ordinary lighting eyes. Full integration of lighting with a wall or ceiling is the latest trend in interior design and effective solution, and the use of high-quality LEDs fully justified economically.

They fit into any interior

The big advantage of gypsum fittings is their versatility - as they do not stand out from the surface in which they have been installed, they fit into both classic and modern spaces. They are selected for salons, offices, bedrooms, kitchens, corridors and many other office, shop and commercial rooms. BPM Lighting luminaires are offered in various shapes - the point of light can be square, rectangular, round or oval. Some points of light can also be directed downwards or upwards or asymmetrically to the customer's preferences. The BPM offer includes gispowe fixtures recessed into the ceiling, both light lines and single luminaires, in walls that perfectly prove themselves as stairwell lamps and surface-mounted wall lamps replacing classic wall lamps.

Installation of luminaires with Crismosil

The installation of recessed luminaires made of Crismosil and other gypsum luminaires is extremely easy. To do this, cut a hole in the plasterboard in the appropriate place where the light spot is to be found, and mount the luminaire in it. Next, the joining points should be stitched and painted on the selected color. In this way, the fitting is perfectly fitted to the surface. Mount luminaires with earhooks

The luminaires from Crismosil are perfect for any interior - they are chosen both for classically equipped living rooms, as well as for modern corridors in offices, hotels, etc. When ordinary bindings do not pass the exam, those made of gypsum mix are the optimal choice - without compromise!

LED line BPM Crismosil

LED line BPM Crismosil

LED wall light BPM Lucis

Wall light BPM Crismosil

BPM wall light recessed

BPM Sirio recessed

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