With the mirror in the bathroom, we perform a series of activities that require precision every day - we care for the face, we paint, we arrange the hairstyle, we cut and shave the beard. That's why the lighting of the bathroom mirror is so important. In our latest article, we devoted a place to this topic. How can you illuminate the bathroom mirror attractively and effectively? Is it better to choose lighting fixtures, or maybe sconces? Is it wo

RGB LED lighting - color therapy

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LED lighting is not only white light, but also RGB light, meaning Red - red, Green - green and Blue - blue. RGB light sources, such as light bulbs or LED strips, allow you to create a variety of color combinations with one click on the remote. Thanks to it, we can give the interiors not only an original character, but also shape their well-being! Find out more about color therapy, or color therapy, which can also be done with RGB LED lighting!
A bathroom is a room with specific conditions, in which it is recommended to use special lighting articles resistant to excess moisture and high temperature. When arranging the bathroom and choosing lighting for this interior, we can also opt for LED strips creating attractive decorative lighting. To protect them against moisture, special waterproof LED profiles are used, which can be placed in the walls or in the floors.
Some light sources are not good for our eyes. They can not only cause more fatigue, but also contribute to the formation of cancer! What is the significance of modern LED lighting for human eyesight and health? This issue was devoted to this blog entry. Is LED lighting health? Or is it better to avoid it? We answer this and many other questions about the impact of LED lighting on people.

Garden lighting with LED lamps

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LED lamps are perfect not only for interiors, but also outdoors! Today, lighting the garden with LED lamps is the most-chosen solution - LED lamps not only provide optimal durability and resistance to external factors, but also consume little energy, which is why decorative garden lighting does not have to involve high costs. Do not know what external LED lighting to choose? We invite you to check our guide, from which you can learn more about li
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