The latest trends in outdoor lighting

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Fashion also does not bypass outdoor lighting - if you want to arrange the space around your home or other building in accordance with the latest trends, this article is for you! It is in it that we discuss the issue of novelty in outdoor lighting, including lighting in gardens, parks and terraces. You can choose not only traditional floodlights and garden lamps, but also many other interesting proposals, for example fashionable LED paving stones
Does your bathroom seem boring? Do you want to make her character? Choose a modern lighting that can be not only practical, but also give the space a unique look! What to choose? On sale we will find many different illuminated articles perfect for the bathroom - plafonds, lighting fixtures, illuminated mirrors or profiles for installation in ceilings, walls and even floors. Check out our latest article about interesting bathroom lighting!
LEDs give almost unlimited application possibilities - they are perfect for creating ceiling, wall or floor lamps, but we can also find them in other solutions. The small size, the lack of excessive heating, energy efficiency and durability have meant that LED lighting is now widely used in various products. LED furniture, LED candles and LED fiber-optic coffers are just a few suggestions - check them all on our blog and choose something for your
Aqform is a modern lighting derived from Poland. The Aqform company, formerly known as Aquaform, is currently the leading manufacturer of lighting products in our country, and its products are also available in other countries around the world. Aqform is also a master lighting office space that uses modern LED technology. If you are looking for ideas for office lighting, we encourage you to read the entry on our blog, which was fully devoted to A

LED lighting for the wardrobe

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More and more homes and apartments have a wardrobe. This is a convenient solution, because the wardrobe is perfect as a spacious wardrobe for clothes and more. To use it comfortably, it is worth choosing the right lighting. What to decide? We encourage you to check the advice in our blog entry. This is where you will find out what lighting for the wardrobe will work best! We recommend modern LED lighting, with which creating a bright space is eve
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