Trends change not only in fashion, but also in the lighting industry. If you are at the stage of arranging a living room and want to choose stylish lighting for it, in our latest blog post you will find many interesting ideas! We have devoted time above all to modern LED lighting, which is currently the most often chosen for various arrangements in homes and more. What are the current trends in LED lighting for the living room? If you want to fin
LED ceilings are an attractive alternative to traditional lighting ceiling lights - ceiling lamps intended for mounting directly under the ceiling. LED technology allows you to achieve a stylish lighting effect of various spaces - living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, corridors or wardrobes. The multitude of patterns allows you to fit LED ceiling lights to virtually any arrangement - both classic and modern. If you also want to opt for LED ceiling l

Practical bathroom lighting

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When designing a bathroom, special attention should be paid to its lighting. Currently, bathrooms very often do not have access to natural light, so we have to light them non-stop. So, what lighting for the bathroom to choose? Above all, it should be practical to help us in our daily activities. We encourage you to read our latest article on practical bathroom lighting - with it you will find out which bathroom lamps are worth buying!
LED lighting is a modern alternative to other types of lighting - also in office spaces. LED technology brings a number of benefits, including energy efficiency, functionality and ergonomics. How to use LED lighting in the office? We devoted our subject to this latest article. You will learn, among other things, about the types of LED lighting for the office and the basic principles of choosing LED lighting for the workplace.
The magic effect of the stellar sky on the ceiling can bring fabulous atmosphere into the interior. If you also dream about achieving it in your living room or bedroom, but you do not know how to do it, it is in this post on our online blog that you will learn everything! The star sky effect can now be achieved much more easily than before, and without the high costs - all this is possible thanks to modern LED lighting mounted in suspended ceilin
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