Some light sources are not good for our eyes. They can not only cause more fatigue, but also contribute to the formation of cancer! What is the significance of modern LED lighting for human eyesight and health? This issue was devoted to this blog entry. Is LED lighting health? Or is it better to avoid it? We answer this and many other questions about the impact of LED lighting on people.

Garden lighting with LED lamps

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LED lamps are perfect not only for interiors, but also outdoors! Today, lighting the garden with LED lamps is the most-chosen solution - LED lamps not only provide optimal durability and resistance to external factors, but also consume little energy, which is why decorative garden lighting does not have to involve high costs. Do not know what external LED lighting to choose? We invite you to check our guide, from which you can learn more about li
A bedroom is a room where we spend a few hours every day. Although we mainly use them at night, lighting is also very important. Which lighting products work best in the bedroom? In our opinion it is LED lighting, which is not only durable and consumes little energy, but also perfectly matches the latest trends in interior design! Find out what LED bedroom lighting works best - feel free to read our entry!

Romantic LED lighting at home

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Not always strong light is the best choice for the interior. Then, when we want to create a moody atmosphere in it, it is worth choosing another solution - a dim, scattered light that will give the interior coziness and make us feel comfortable in it. How can this effect be achieved? We also addressed this topic on our blog. Romantic lighting in the home can also be achieved thanks to decorative LED lighting. How to do it? We encourage you to rea
Do you want to buy bathroom lighting mounted in the ceiling, but you do not know what to decide? We can choose lighting fixtures, spotlights, ceiling lights, LED tapes and profiles. Regardless of what kind of lighting and style of arrangement you prefer, remember to choose such lighting items that will guarantee maximum safety. A bathroom is a room where elevated temperature and humidity often prevail. That's why the lighting used in it should ha
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