LED lighting in the kitchen

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Lighting in the kitchen is very important. Properly illuminated countertops and a kitchen table help in the preparation of meals, and create a pleasant mood for sitting in the kitchen with loved ones. When you are also at the finishing stage of the kitchen and you do not know which lighting to decide on, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with our guide, which we devoted in full LED lighting in the kitchen. Why choose LED lighting? What LED
LED luminaires are one of the universal ways to illuminate many interiors - now you can also buy them in the shape of a puzzle! ELKIM company recently released ceiling lights in the shape of a puzzle. Galaxy series in which we can find them. is a full range of lighting fixtures that are perfect for various spaces - living rooms, kitchens, corridors, children's rooms or public spaces. The original shape of the puzzle makes them look really great a

Illuminated handrail or balustrade

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Are you looking for an idea how to effectively illuminate the staircase? Check the latest trend - illuminated railing or stair railing! This effect can be achieved thanks to the use of LED lighting, which is not only energy-saving and durable, but also gives a wide range of possibilities for creating various lighting arrangements. Illumination of handrails or balustrades on stairs with the use of LED diodes is not only an elegant effect, but also

Lighting in a child's room

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LED lighting is also great for a children's room. Thanks to various lighting products based on LED diodes, you can get very attractive results - also where the youngest are. Ceiling and standing lamps with LED bulbs, LED strips, lighting eyes with LED diodes - these are just a few suggestions from many LED articles. If you do not know what to decide for, see now our guide on lighting in the child's room and choose the best suggestions!
LED technology is currently very popular and is often used to illuminate various spaces. There were also many myths around it. Do LED diodes really shine after 100,000 hours? Are LED light sources ecological? Does LED lighting have a limited range of color temperature? Do LEDs have a low level of color rendering? These are just a few questions that we answer. We invite you to check all the facts and myths about LED lighting!
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