Dimming systems for lamps LED

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What are the dimming systems for LED lamps and how they differ. See the characteristics and method of connecting the lamps to various dimming systems such as phase-control, dali, switchdimm, 1-10V and Aqsmart, ie using a smartphone. Find out how many wires you need for a particular system and choose the right dimming system for yourself!

Modern wall LED lights with light line

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LED wall lamps are a great idea for decorating walls with light. Sconces that provide a slender line of light will work in all interiors, especially those modernly finished. They will adorn any living room, dining room, bedroom or corridor, but also walls in hotels, restaurants, offices or shops. The possibility to choose the light color of each diode separately allows you to create many interesting arrangements.

LED office lamps - basic information

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The choice of lighting for the office is very important - it's space that must be equipped with the right lamps to create ergonomic, safe working conditions. LED lamps are also very well-suited for this role, which today are often chosen in office spaces. Which LED lighting works best in the office? We devoted to this topic our latest article on the blog. If you are also wondering what to decide for, we invite you to read!
LED ground lamps are a very good choice for a driveway, path or parking - ground mounted luminaires provide maximum durability and resistance to external factors, including weight and moisture. We can choose from many ground LED luminaires emitting white light and RGB light. What is it worth to decide? We encourage you to check our guide dedicated to LED ground lamps!
Do you want to decorate the interior with stylish, modern bindings? Do you care that they attract attention and at the same time guarantee a bright, aesthetic light? BPM Crismosil lighting fixtures are a perfect complement to ceilings and walls in various spaces - both in homes and apartments, as well as in offices, hotels or restaurants. Check what is Crismosil, from which your brand is produced by the acclaimed BPM brand, and also learn more ab
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