Choosing lamps for the living room is a responsible and serious challenge. Living room is most often a showcase of our house and apartment, so the lighting of this room should be not only elegant, but also efficient. What to choose and what to choose when lighting is chosen, if the lamps can have different functions in the living room? General or accent lighting? Interested?

Designer LED lamps with elegant lenses

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Elegant, minimalist form and modern LED lighting is the dream of many people finishing their flats, homes, offices and companies. For all of them, a collection of lamps from the Polish company Aqform was created, which not only meet these expectations, but it can be safely said that they definitely exceed them. Rich colors, latest solutions, various assembly methods, individual designs and many other proposals! Get to know LED lamps with lenses!
Lamps mounted on the facade are a great idea to highlight the building. Depending on the chosen form of the lamp, its power, color, angle of illumination, we can obtain various effects on the wall or wall. They also work as a form of entrance lighting or space around the property. Which solution should you choose, at what height to assemble and what the latest solutions have? We invite you to read.

Free lighting or solar LED lamps

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Solar LED lamps provide free lighting after dark. Their assembly is extremely simple, they do not require access to electricity and most importantly they do not generate any additional costs because they use the sun's rays. A wide range of solar lamps makes it possible to use them not only in the garden, but also as facade lighting, entrances, driveways, parking lots, etc.
The latest solutions allow for any configuration of LED lighting. Thanks to BPM Lighting and Modulight 10210 you can create any lamp that will be completely adapted to the interior and allow you to use all forms of lighting simultaneously: modern light lines, elegant modules with LED lenses and popular reflectors.
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