Shining LED paving stones

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Shining paving stones LED is one of the last hits! Although it looks like a regular cobblestone, it still has a LED light source inside that allows you to create eye-catching lighting compositions on the outside - on the path, driveway, terrace or parking lot. LED paving blocks give us almost unlimited possibilities in creating an original outdoor lighting of the house and other buildings. If you are also thinking about assembling them, check out

How to highlight the stairs

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A staircase is the element of a building that needs proper backlighting. Now it's even easier thanks to the use of modern light sources! If you also want to illuminate the stairs, but you do not know what to decide on yet, we encourage you to read the latest entry on our internet blog. This is where you can learn more about how to safely and elegantly highlight the stairs in your home, apartment or company. What to look for when choosing stairs l
Are you looking for ceiling luminaires that will fit into any arrangement? Do not you want to decide on the style of finishing the space in your home or another building? In this case, LED luminaires that are mounted in the ceiling will be a great choice! LED ceiling luminaires are universal luminaires that use LED technology and are suitable for virtually any room - from the living room, through the hallway and ending up on the bathroom. Find ou

The latest trends in outdoor lighting

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Fashion also does not bypass outdoor lighting - if you want to arrange the space around your home or other building in accordance with the latest trends, this article is for you! It is in it that we discuss the issue of novelty in outdoor lighting, including lighting in gardens, parks and terraces. You can choose not only traditional floodlights and garden lamps, but also many other interesting proposals, for example fashionable LED paving stones
Does your bathroom seem boring? Do you want to make her character? Choose a modern lighting that can be not only practical, but also give the space a unique look! What to choose? On sale we will find many different illuminated articles perfect for the bathroom - plafonds, lighting fixtures, illuminated mirrors or profiles for installation in ceilings, walls and even floors. Check out our latest article about interesting bathroom lighting!
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